Crime Report for 7/8 Dec 2016

Sector One
1) Theft General restaurant Damdoryn. Meat and cheese stolen
2) Fraud Howitzer st Ifafi. Victim paid registration fee for loan only to realize it was a scam.
3) Fraud Canon Crescent Ifafi. Victim paid deposit for purchase of company only to realize it was a scam.
4) Common Robbery near Village Mall. Female robbed of cellphone and tablet after being threatened with violence by suspect.
5) Murder near vd Hoff T junction Rietfontein. Body of unknown male person found near roadside with hands tied behind back and cloth tied around mouth.
Sector Three
1)Malicious Damage De Rust. Fence cut.
2) Burglary Business Bultfontein. Computer system stolen.
3) Theft of motor vehicle plot DeRust. Trailer stolen.