Crime Report for 13th to 16th January 2017

Sector One:
1) Possession of Dagga Schoemansville and Damdoryn. Four suspects arrested.
2) Drinking in Public Schoemansville and Damdoryn. Ten suspects arrested.
3) Burglary Business Rietfontein. Laptop and cctv equipment stolen.
4) Theft General clothing store Village Mall. Cellphone stolen out of locker.
5) Burglary Residential Zandfontein. Tv, desktop, playstation, wallet and meat pack stolen.
6) Theft of motor vehicle Ifafi and Melodie plots Trailer hire. Two trailers hired in separate incidents and not returned.
7) Theft of motor vehicle Jasmyn parking. Two cars stolen whereby VW Polo and Citigolf stolen. VW Polo later recovered in Mabopane.
8) Murder near Water Affairs. Suspect in murder case on 24th Dec 2016 died in hospital from injuries sustained from mob violence.
9) Common Robbery Damdoryn 4way stop. Victim alleges he was robbed at stop street in his vehicle of cash and chocolates by two suspects.
10) Burglary Resdential Karel St Schoemansville. Numerous household goods stolen
11) Burglary Residential James St Schoemansville. Entry gained but nothing stolen.
12) Theft from motor vehicle Rietfontein. Battery stolen.

Sector Two:
1) Burglary Residential Jalalpor Road. Drills, saws and tools stolen.
2) Malicious Damage Leeuwenkloof. Burglar bars broken during attempted burglary.
3) Burglary Business Broederstroom Jalalpor Road. Grinders and circular saw stolen.
4) Burglary Residential Skuilkloof. Bicycle stolen from garage.
5) Burglary Residential Leeuwenkloof. Laptop and computer equipment stolen.
6) Burglary Residential Broedersyroom. Whisky, paintball gun, tv and clothing stolen.
7) Burglary Residential Broederstroom Skuilkloof.Tv, bag with personal items and shotgun stolen.

Sector Three:
1) Burglary Residential Orange Farm. Cash, clothing and cosmetics stolen.
2) Theft out of motor vehicle Simon Bekker st Kosmos. Two cars, Volvo and BMW broken into whereby laptops and personal items stolen.
3) Theft out of motor vehicle Abram Celliers St Kosmos. Two Jackets stolen.

Hartbeespoortdam SAPS
Romano v d Spuy CPF