“We not murderers but rapists” – robbers told Ifafi family

Four armed men told terrified Ifafi residents that they were not murderers, but rapists, during an armed house robbery in Hartbeespoort early on Monday morning.

Source: Kormorant: “We not murderers but rapists” – robbers told Ifafi family

“The couple, their teenage son and a family member were asleep in the house in Long Tom Street in Ifafi around 02:30 when they were woken up by four armed men who had broken into the house. The robbers tied them all up with shoelaces and asked where the safe and firearms were,” said Romano van der Spuy, spokesperson for the Hartbeespoort community policing forum.
“When told that there were no guns or safe, the robber demanded bank cards and pins. Some of the robbers drove to the bank while the others went through the house looking for valuables. Upon the other robbers’ return, they loaded a television set, laptops, tablet and various other goods, along with the residents’ cellphones in the family’s Toyota Yaris and fled.”
The vehicle was recovered by the Hartbeespoort police K9 unit a while later in Schubart Street where the robbers left it.
The police are investigating and a manhunt has been launched for the robbers.