Special Report 2017 09 15 – Cable theft in Sector One Hartbeespoortdam

15/09/2017 13:10
Special Report regarding cable theft in Sector One Hartbeespoortdam
Telkom Security placed three security guards to keep surveillance at a manhole near the Meerhof traffic lights. At 3am this morning three suspects entered the manhole whereafter the guards rushed forward to apprehend them. One suspect was caught whilst the other two fled the scene. Police arrested the suspect whom is a Zimbabwean national living in Winterveld. Telkom Sekurity personell have advised that the suspects are believed to be linked to five cable thefts in the area including the shopping malls where essential infrastructure was severely disrupted. Police are investigating and hope to make more arrests shortly.

Well done to the Tellkom security for making this important breakthrough. A Daewoo vehicle has been confiscated as well as the suspect’s cellphone.
Romano v d Spuy CPF