Crime Report for 22 and 23 Nov 2017

Crime Report for 22 and 23 Nov 2017:

Sector One.

1) Burglary Residential Harrington St Schoemansville. Laptop, tv, cameras, cellphone and other items stolen.

2) Burglary Residential Harrington St Schoemansville. Bedding and clothes stolen.

3) Theft out of motor vehicle Karel St Schoemansville. Laptop, notebook and other items stolen.

4) Theft from and out of motor vehicle Marais St Schoemansville. Two wheels in addition to speakers, amplifier and radio stolen.

5) Burglary Residential restaurant near Dam wall. Sweets and softdrinks stolen.

6) Possession of Dagga Damdoryn./ Ten Rooms. Five suspects arrested.

7) Burglary Business Sunway. Food and cutlery stolen.

8) Illegal Sale of Liquor Ten Rooms. One suspect arrested.

9) Malicious Damage Syferfontein. Unruly group allegedly damaged gate motor, windows, stoves and waterpumps.

10) Fraud estate Melodie plots. Payment allegedly made into hacked email address.

Sector Two.

No cases reported.

Sector Three.

Burglary Residential Paul Kruger St Kosmos. Laptop, tablets, camera, printer and jewelry stolen.

2) Theft General estate near Kosmos. Safe allegedly stolen with firearm inside.