Special Report – Thwarted armed robbery at Sediba Plaza 2018/05/15

Special Report regarding thwarted armed robbery at Sediba Plaza this morning.

At 9.45 am I received a call from Sediba Plaza center management regarding suspect persons in Pep Stores whereby the stores staff became suspicious of persons in their store. It is believed that at least five suspects were present. Police CPU were dispatched to the scene whereupon two suspects were apprehended at Sediba Plaza gate after they attempted to flee. Two suspects were found in possession of unlicensed firearms as well as cable ties and arrested on the scene. The other suspects managed to escape.

Well done to alert staff of Pep Stores and Spar personnel as well as rapid response by Sgt. Ngobeni, Const. Serjamoholo and Const. Mpye.

It is believed the suspects were about to rob any store in Sediba Plaza and were thwarted by alert personnel.

Excellent work.

Romana vd Spuy – CPF