Special Report – Armed Robbery – 2018 11 02

Special Report regarding armed robbery at security complex gate in Schubart St Melodie this afternoon:

At approximately 15:04 pm this afternoon 2nd November 2018, a building contractor stopped at the gate of the complex after he had withdrawn wages in Brits to pay his workers whom were on site in the complex.

Immediately after stopping a white Lexus with GP registration stopped behind him whereupon two suspects with blue caps climbed out and held the driver and passenger at gunpoint, with what is believed to be 9 mm pistols. A third suspect later emerged from the Lexus carrying a long barrelled gun.

After stealing a large amount of cash and cellphones the suspects fled.

No one sustained any injuries. An eye witness on the scene stated that one of the suspects displayed an ID card with a Police emblem on it.

Police and security were on the scene within minutes.

Romano v d Spuy CPF