Crime Report for 12th to 13th November 2018

Crime Report for 12th to 13th November 2018:

Sector One.
1) Assault GBH Damdoryn. Victim stabbed with knife whilst wife beaten with fists by 4 suspects.
2) Burglary Residential manor estate Schubart St Melodie. Tv, laptop and Iphone stolen.
3) Malicious Damage Danie St Schoemansville. Window smashed by suspects but fled when panic button activated.
4) Burglary Residential Karel St Schoemansville. Cable and taps stolen.
5) Theft of motor vehicle Tant Malie parking Damdoryn. Silver VW Polo stolen.
6) Burglary Residential Syferfontein. Iphone and HiFi stolen.
7) Theft out of motor vehicle Snake Park parking Schoemansville. Wallet, purse and cards stolen

Sector Two.
No cases reported.

Sector Three.
1) Fraud guest house Kosmos. Two suspects produced fraudulent proof of payment for accommodation.

Hartbeespoordam SAPS
Romano v d Spuy CPF