Special Report:Business Robbery at Sediba Plaza 5th January 2019

Special Report on Business Robbery at Sediba Plaza this morning Saturday 5th January 2019.

At 4,08 am this morning two suspects assaulted two security guards at Sediba Plaza and tied them up with cable ties whereafter they were left in the centre’ toilets on the second floor. The suspects removed the victims security uniforms and dressed themselves in the uniforms.
At 5am the General manager of Superspar arrived to open the shop. After parking near the entrance he was approached by two suspects. As he alighted from his vehicle he was pointed with what is believed to be a AK 47 and kicked in the face and told to lie down on the ground. The suspects forced him into the shop at gunpoint and demanded money and also demanded that he disarm the security alarms. At this time a third suspect appeared whereafter a large amount of cash was removed from the office as well as cigarrettes. The robbers fled the scene in what is believed to be a grey coloured Toyota Avanza. Police , CPF and security were quickly on the scene, whereafter a reaction officer discovered the two tied up guards in the toilets and untied them. None of the victims were seriously injured , although severely traumatised by the events.
Romano van der Spuy CPF Hartbeespoortdam.