Special Report 2019 01 11

Special Report on arrest of car thieves in Damdoryn.

At 3.05 am on 10th Jan 2019, Sargt Pelle and Const Matlala from Hartbeespoortdam CSC were patrolling in the Damdoryn area when they noticed a suspect looking blue Toyota Corolla.

They pulled the vehicle over and commenced a stop and search. Simultaneously a lookout was given by Mooinooi Police for a similar vehicle which had been stolen earlier. The driver of the vehicle fled into the bushes whilst the other two suspects were arrested. Upon further investigation the two officers discovered an unlicenced ,38 Special revolver with three rounds of ammunition.

It is believed the suspects are also involved in other crimes in the Mooinooi area. Further investigations continue.

Well done to those members for excellent arrests. Your alertness and diligence is much appreciated.

Romano v d Spuy CPF