Crime Report for 31st May to 3rd June 2019

Crime Report for 31st May to 3rd June 2019:

Sector One:
1) Possession presumed stolen property Damdoryn and Village Mall. Three suspects arrested believed to be involved in series of housebreakings.
2) Robbery with firearm vd Hoff Road. Taxi driver held at gunpoint by one of passengers, whereafter driver fled into the bushes. Passengers were robbed of cellphones, clothing, luggage and cash prior to fleeing the scene.
3) Drunken Driving Damdoryn. Suspect arrested.
4) Burglary Residential Boom Crescent Ifafi. Complainant surprised intruder whom attempted to steal a laptop but fled the scene without stealing anything.
5)Theft General Sediba Plaza. Female pickpocketted of purse out of handbag.
6 ) Theft General filling station near Xanadu. (two cases). Suspect left without paying R300 for fuel. He came back later presumably to pay but stole R950 which petrol jockey had placed on cashier’s counter before fleeing the scene. Police later arrested the suspect.
7) Burglary Residential Baldwin St Schoemansville. Cellphone, computer, iron and perfume stolen.
8) Fraud manor estate Melodie plots. Complainant sold vehicle to suspect whom paid via EFT and later reversed payment.
9) Burglary Residential Madeleine St Ifafi. Unclear whether anything stolen.

Sector Two:
1) Drinking in public Broederstroom. Suspect arrested.
2) Public Indecency Broederstroom. Two suspects arrested.
3) Shoplifting liquor store Broederstroom. Two suspects arrested after attempting to steal liquor.
4) Robbery with firearm R512 Broederstroom. Uber driver allegedly held at gunpoint by three passenger suspects and robbed of cellphone and R600.

Sector Three:
1) Fraud estate De Rust. Payment made to complainant diverted to another account presumably by hackers.
2) Possession presumed stolen property Schaumburg. Suspect arrested.
3) Public Indecency Schaumburg. Two suspects arrested for urinating in public.

Hartbeespoortdam SAPS
Romano v d Spuy CPF