Crime Report for 13th to 17th Dec 2019

Crime Report for 13th to 17th Dec 2019:

Sector One.
1) House Robbery Harrington St Schoemansville. Mother and son held at gunpoint by 4 suspects and robbed of tv, cellphones and jewelry.
2) Illegal Sale of Liquor Afsaal. Suspect arrested.
3)Burglary Residential Chameleon Village complex. Amp, speakers, dvd player and cellphone stolen.
4) Malicious Damage Rietfontein. Wheel nuts broken of vehicle.
5) Malicious Damage restaurant R511 Melodie. Vehicle damaged by group of suspects
6) House Robbery Syferfontein. Couple held at gunpoint whereby 2 shots fired randomely and tv, cellphone and wallet stolen.
7) Theft of motor vehicle school Beethoven Road. VW Golf stolen.
8)Assault GBH tavern Sunway. Victim sta bbed y known suspect.
9) Rape retreat Meerhof. 15 Year old female allegedly raped by male suspect
10) Burglary Business guest house Karel St Schoema sville. 2cellphones, Iphone and tv stolen.
11) Burglary Residential resort old Rustenburg Road. Deep freeze, keyboard, microwave and projector stolen
12) Dru kenness Rietfontein. Suspect arrested.
13) Malicious Damage Dam area. Partyboat and equipment damaged

14) Reckless and Negligent Driving Syferfontein. Pedestrian hit by vehicle wbich did nit stop.
15)Burglary Residential Rietfontein. Grinder and welder stolen.
16) Common Robbery Village Mall parking. Cash and cards stolen
17)Common Robbery island resort Beethoven Road. Handbag with contents stolen.
18)Assault GBH Sunway. Victim assaulted by known suspect.
19)Burglary Residential Charl St Ifafi. Tvs, laptops and motor bike stolen.
20) Burglary Residential Baldwin St. Schoemansville.Tv,laptop and other household goods stolen.

Sector Two.
1) Carjacking Pelindaba Road. Victim alleges he was confronted by suspects in VW Golf whereby he was held at gunpoint and robbed of Toyota Hilux and later dropped off in Soweto.
2) Burglary Business Pelindaba Road. Computer equipment, liquir, generator, tv and tools stolen.
3) Burglary Residential estate Broederstroom. Liquor , tv and hifi stolen.
4) Theft out of motor vehicle estate roederstroom.wifi and cellphone stolen.
5) Burglary Business lodge stolen.
6) Carjacking near shopping mall and Broederstroom.Victim alleges he gave 2 suspects a lift whom later hijacked him at gunpoint and dropped him off in Soweto after also stealing his Toyota Hilux and belongings.
7) Burglary Business college Broederstroom.Computers, screens, charger and keyboards stolen.
8) Burglary Residential Welgegund. Deepfreezer, microwave and other items stolen.
9) Drunken driving Broederstroom. Suspect arrested.
10) Common Robbery Jalalpor Road. Victim robbed of cellphone and cash by 2 suspects.
11) Burglary Business lodge Broederstroom. Tv, wallet, cellphone and cards stolen.
12) Business Robbery lodge Skuilkloof.. Female and friends allegedly held at gunpoint and robbed of cellphones, laptop and speakers.

Sector Three.
1) Robbery with firearm R560 De Rust. Victim robbed at gunpoint of cash, cellphones and watch.
2)Carjacking R560 De Rust. Victim alleges he was approached by bogus traffic cop held at gunpoint and robbed of his Nissan Hardbody after being tied up and also robbed of his cellphone and cash.
3)Burglary Residential Karen St Kosmos.T , laptop and cellphones stolen.