Crime Report for 4th to 5th February 2020

Crime Report for 4th to 5th February 2020:

Sector One:
1) Drinking in public Sunway. 4 suspects arrested.
2) Fraud Karel St Schoemansville. Suspect allegedly committed tax fraud.
3) Attempted Motor Vehicle Theft Howitzer St Ifafi. Doorlock and ignition of vehicle damaged.
4) Fraud filling station Ifafi. Complainant paid a deposit for car advertised on internet only to discover it was a scam.
5) Illegal Sale of Liquor Ten Rooms. 12 suspects arrested.
6) Theft General cellphone tower Saartjiesnek. Batteries stolen.

Sector Two:
No cases reported.

Sector Three:
1) Drinking in public Schaumburg. 2 suspects arrested.
2) Burglary Residential Schaumburg. Home theatre, groceries and tools stolen.
3) Illegal Sale of Liquor Schaumburg. 3 suspects arrested.
4) Drinking in public Orange Farm Kosmos. 1 suspect arrested.

📌 Illegal Immigrants
13 suspects arrested in all three sectors.

Hartbeespoortdam SAPS
Romano v d Spuy CPF