Crime Report for 25th to 26th June 2020

Crime Report for 25th to 26th June 2020:

Sector One:
1) Theft from motor vehicle Dreiers complex. Trailer wheels stolen.
2) Burglary Residential Harrington St Schoemansville. Tv, meat, washing basket and cooler box stolen.
3) Fraud Hertzog St Schoemansville. Wrong account no given to victim for payment to municipality.
4) Theft General Cloister St Meerhof. Cellphone stolen.

Sector Two:
No cases reported.

Sector Three:
1) Common Robbery boat club Kosmos. Caretaker robbed of cellphone allegedly by 4 suspects.
2) Fraud estate near Kosmos. Victim paid large sum of cash into investment account only to later realise it was a fake unregistered company.

Hartbeespoortdam SAPS
Romano v d Spuy CPF