Crime Report for 2nd to 5th October 2020

Crime Report for 2nd to 5th October 2020:

Sector One:
1) Business Robbery clothing store Sediba Plaza. Three suspects held female staff at gunpoint and fled with cellphones and cash.
2) Burglary Residential Syferfontein. Cable stolen and fence cut.
3) Assault GBH Ouwapad. Victim alleges he was assaulted by 4 suspects.
4) Reckless and Negligent Driving Boom Crescent Ifafi. Vehicle collided with scooter whereby scooter rider seriously injured.
5) Contravention of Protection Order vd Hoff Road. Known suspect allegedly prevented taxi from loading passengers.
6) Theft General Melodie plots. Grinder and inverter stolen.
7) Attempted Burglary estate Birdplum St Melodie. Front door damaged, nothing stolen.
8) Common Robbery mountain side Schoemansville. Hiker alleges suspect threatened him with bottle while hiking and robbed him of Iphone and cellphone.
9) Malicious Damage / attempted vehicle theft Jasmyn complex. Computer box and ignition of vehicle damaged.
10) Burglary Residential Karel St Schoemansville. Tv, laptop and sound bar stolen.
11) Theft of Motor Vehicle Village Mall. Silver Toyota Etios stolen.
12) Assault GBH Ten Rooms. Victim assaulted by known suspect with brick.
13) Reckless and Negligent Driving near MBT garage. Two vehicles collided whereby several persons injured.

Sector Two:
No cases reported.

Sector Three:
1) Robbery with Firearm R560 near Magaliespark. Victim alleges he was overpowered by several suspects near roadside and robbed of five cellphones and cash.
2) Theft General Hartbeesfontein. Complainant alleges tenants are stealing electricity from him.
3) Assault GBH Skeerpoort. Victim allegedly hit with open hands and stabbed with knife by known suspect.

Hartbeespoortdam CPF
Romano v d Spuy