Special Report: December 2020

Special Report:

As the festive season rapidly approaches we once again appeal to all community members to NOT USE FIREWORKS during the holiday period.
During the last two festive seasons our campaign was most successful whereby the vast majority of inhabitants heeded our call to desist from using fireworks.

As previously stated the use of fireworks is strictly prohibited unless a special permit is obtained from Disaster Management to do so.

Fireworks are very detrimental in the following way.
1) They create a serious fire hazard to thatch roofs and lapas as well as to open grasslands
2) They are extremely harmful to both domestic animals and wild animals including birds. Animals become very disorientated and can injure themselves or even run away.
3) Fireworks can cause serious injury to people including children.
4) Fireworks also incur disturbance of peace especially the big bang type.

Please consider your environment and your co community members and animals by not detonating fireworks this festive season.

Romano vd Spuy
CPF Hartbeespoortdam.