Crime Report for 19th to 23rd March 2021

Crime Report for 19th to 23rd March 2021:

Sector One.
1) Contravention of arms and ammunition Act pub Melodie plots. Suspect arrested.
2) Keeping of Vicious Animals Madeleine St Ifafi. Child bitten by neighbour’s dog.
3) Theft General Syferfontein. Meter box stolen.
4) Theft General plot Rietfontein. Gate motor stolen.
5) Business Robbery Afsaal Rietfontein. Two suspects robbed shop owner at gunpoint of cash and cellphones.
6)Burglary Residential Monene St Schoemansville. Cellphones and handbags stolen.
7) House Robbery Malan St Schoemansville Two suspects held victim at gunpoint and demanded cash and cellohones. Robbers fled with household goods.
8)Burglary Residential Sunway. Cellphones stolen.
9) Malicious Damage Sunway. Victim claims her shack was demolished by community members.
9) Theft General Sediba Plaza. Cash stolen from female victim by single suspect.
10) Assault GBH Hertzog St Schoemansville. Female allegedly assaulted by husband.
11) Assault GBH Ten Rooms. Complainant stabbed with knife by known suspect.
12) Burglary Residential Baldwin St. Schoemansville. Household goods stolen.
13) House Robbery plot Rietfontein. Female threatened by two suspects and robbed of tv and pcellphones.
14)Theft of motor vehicle/ motor cycle Hertzog St. Schoemansville. Motor cycle stolen off trailer.
15)Possession of Dagga Scott St. Suspect arrested.
16)Malicious Damage vd Hoff Road Rietfontein. Complainant’s vehicle windscreen allegedly smashed by taxi driver.
17) House Robbery Melodie Plots. Female victim allegedly threatened with baton by two suspects and robbed of three cellphones and tv.

General comment:
Schoemansville, Rietfontein and Melodie plots problematic with house robberies and business robbery.

Sector Two.
1) Fraud Kalkheuwel. Victim claims suspect is using his company’s name to scam clients.

Sector Three.
1) Assault GBH resort near Kosmos. Victim assaulted in pub.
2) Malicious Damage pub near Kosmos. Infra- structure damaged by known suspect.
3) Fraud estate De Rust. Cash deposited to furniture shop under incorrect account number.
4)Theft General Skeerpoort. Pump stolen.
5) Attempted Murder Schaumburg. Five year old girl stabbed in head after being abducted by her father. She was subsequently hospitalised.
6) Assault GBH Schaumburg. Female victim sprayed with pepper spray during argument.

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