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Brits police officer tests positive for Covid-19 11th May 2020

Brits police officer tests positive for Covid-19
11th May 2020

A Brits police officer has tested positive for Covid-19 on Saturday, 9 May, and the Brits police station has been temporarily closed.

Brig Vish Naidoo, national spokesperson for police, confirmed on Monday that a female Warrant Officer at Brits police informed her commander on Saturday that she had tested positive for Covid-19 during a routine check up.

“She also indicated that her doctor advised her to do a second test which she did and the result is awaited. The station has been evacuated and it is currently undergoing a decontamination process,” Naidoo said.

He said three police members who had been in close contact with the Warrant Officer, and who are suspected to be at risk, have also been tested. The police members are two Captains and a Lieutenant Colonel at the police station.

“A (police) tent will be erected in Court Street in Brits from where the public will be assisted.” Calls to the Brits police station will be redirected to the Hartbeespoort police station from where it will be directed to the Brits police patrol vehicles.

Special Report on COVID-19 regarding CPF meetings and engagements – 2020 03 19

Special Report on COVID-19 regarding CPF meetings and engagements:

The Secretary General of National CPFs has directed that all CPF and sub-structure meetings whether public or committee meetings will cancelled until the end of April 2020 or thereafter as prescribed by the President of RSA in order to control the spread of COVID-19 virus.

Romano vd Spuy
Hartbeespoortdam CPF

All enquiries can be directed to myself at 083 5143014.

Special Report 2020 02 21: Arrest of shoplifters at Village Mall

Special Report 2020 02 21: Arrest of shoplifters at Village Mall:

At around 15:00 this afternoon, two alert car guards at Village Mall Hartbeespoort, spotted alleged suspects carrying large bags in phase one parking area.

Security was immediately alerted whereby two male suspects and female suspect was apprehended in possession of suspected stolen clothing.

The clothing was later identified as being stolen from Truworths and MrPrice Village Mall as well as clothing stolen from shopping centres in Pretoria.

Well done to the car guards at Village Mall. Excellent work.

Romano v d Spuy
Hartbeespoortdam CPF

Advisory 2020 01 29 – Mounted Unit

Advisory 2020 01 29 – Mounted Unit

Rustenburg Mounted Unit are currently deployed in Hartbeespoortdam, for this week, consisting of 8 horses and Police riders.

Today they are operating in the Broederstroom area.

The Police visibility is highly appreciated and we thank all those members for doing a valuable job in our area.

At midday today they were photographed at Islands Shopping Mall near Peacanwood.
Thanks guys for your efforts.

Romano v d Spuy
Hartbeespoortdam CPF.

Notice to all Hartbeespoortdam community members

Notice to all Hartbeespoortdam community members.

A big thank you to all those whom heeded the call to NOT use fireworks during the festive season.
The overwhelming majority of people in our area refrained from using fireworks both during Christmas and New Year celebrations.
To those few individuals who did detonate fireworks we say…You are in contravention of the Explosives Act and urge you to in future abide by the example set by the vast majority of people.
It was one of the quietest festive seasons on record in terms of the use of fireworks.
From the Police and Community Police Forum we extend our most sincere gratitude to the community.

Romano vd Spuy
Chairman Hartbeespoortdam CPF.

Advisory Fireworks

Advisory Fireworks
Please take note that use of fireworks is strictly prohibited not only during the festive season but at any other time. Only in special circumstances with written permission from Madibeng Disaster Management may fireworks be used.
Remember fireworks create a major fire hazard to thatch roofs and veld areas. Domestic and wild animals/ are seriously affected by the noise fireworks create. Many children and adults are seriously injured by fireworks every year.
Please do the right thing and do not use fireworks this festive season. Perpertrators could face hefty fines being imposed on them by the Police.

R van der Spuy.
CPF Hartbeespoortdam.

New Executive Committee

Congratulations to our newly appointed executive committee

ChairpersonMr. R. Van Der Spuy
Deputy ChairpersonMr L. Sebola
SecretaryMs. E Barington
Deputy SecretaryMrs J. Holloway
TreasurerMr. N. Gouws
Additional MemberMr. K Van Zyl
Additional Member Mr. M. Rakopa
Additional Member Mr. A. Rough
Additional Member Mrs. R. Van Der Walt
Additional Member Ms. L Kobe
Additional Member Ms. L Sefoka
Additional Member Mr N. Maluleke

Special Report on Crime Prevention Operation conducted today 21st August 2019 in Hartbeespoortdam

Special Report on Crime Prevention Operation conducted today 21st August 2019 in Hartbeespoortdam.

Fifty eight Police members comprising Brits Cluster and fourteen Police Stations in addition to four members from North West Provincial Traffic conducted an anti-crime operation mainly in Sector One. Several arrests wete made including three for illegal sale of liquor, one for illegal sale of second hand goods and twenty one traffic fines were issued.
This type of operation is a very good deterrant to criminal and no crimes were reported during the operation.
Thank you members in blue. The community always appreciates high Police visibility in our area.

Romano van der Spuy
CPF Hartbeespoortdam

Crime trends in Hartbeespoortdam 2019 07 24

General comment on crime trends in Hartbeespoortdam.

As from 7th June 2019 to 24th of July 2019 eighteen vehicles have been stolen mainly in Sector One and one vehicle stolen in Sector Two. Eight of these vehicles were Toyota Yaris and Toyota Etios’s
Hartbeespoortdam Police have been requested to deploy a task team in order to stem the tide of vehicle theft in our area.