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Special Notice regarding protection of vulnerable children

Special Notice regarding protection of vulnerable children.

In our community today there are many children that suffer abuse from adults and others either through neglect, physical, mental and sexual abuse.
As a community and in terms of the law it is our moral duty to report such abuse. Children are prescious and deserve all the protection they can get.
If you are aware of children being subjected to gross abuse please contact Hartbeespoortdam CHILD PROTECTION HOTLINE at
CELL 072 0865854
Issued by
Rvd Spuy CPF Hartbeespoortdam.

Rapid Response Vehicle

Capt Thomas Scanlen photographed alongside Hartbeespoortdam’s long awaited rapid response vehicle. The new 2 litre VW Golf GTI will be deployed on main routes by Visible Policing. Car thieves and other criminals beware!!

Hope the use of this vehicle will bring good results.

Romano vd Spuy
CPF Hartbeespoortdam.

Crime Prevention Operation 27/28 March 2022

Special Report on Crime Prevention Operation conducted on the evening of 27/28 March 2021.

Approximately sixty persons including Hartbeespoortdam SAPS members, neighbourhood watch members from Schoemansville, Ifafi/ Melodie, Meerhof as well as security companies participated in a massive crime prevetion operation from 23hours 27 March to 4.00 am on 28th March 2021.
The operation was led by Col. W. Robertse and was mainly concentrated in the town area in order to achieve maximum visible policing and to deter criminals. A special operation by a Police unit was also conducted on Rietfontein and Syferfontein plots.
We thank Col. Robertse for this very good initiative as well as all members who participated by sacrificing their personal time.
Overall the operation was highly successful sending a clear message to criminals. Minimal or no crime was experienced during the excercise.
It is indeed heartwarming to know that so many community members as well as Police take our safety and security seriously.
Well done to all participants.

Romano vd Spuy
CPF Hartbeespoortdam.

Special Report on Crime Prevention 24 March 2021

Special Report on Crime Prevention 24 March 2021 in Hartbeespoortdam town area.

The elite Rustenburg Mounted Unit has been deployed in the town area of Hartbeespoortdam in order to assist with crime prevention. Eight members of the unit will be patrolling through the town everyday until Saturday morning.
It is hoped that their efforts will greatly assist in reducing crime especially in the shopping malls and Schoemansville. We are privileged to have you here and applaud your efforts.

Hartbeespoortdam CPF
Romano v d Spuy

Special Report regarding new Station Commander at Hartbeespoortdam Police Station

Special Report regarding new Station Commander at Hartbeespoortdam Police Station.

Today 3rd March 2021 Col. W. Robbertse ( Robbie) commenced as Station Commander of Hartbeespoortdam Police Station.

The CPF welcomes him to our area and has assured him of good co- operation from our side.

We wish you well in your new post and trust that your expertise and know how will improve service delivery to the community of Hartbeespoortdam.

Hartbeespoortdam CPF
Romano v d Spuy

SPECIAL REPORT on safety tips during the FESTIVE SEASON

SPECIAL REPORT on safety tips during the FESTIVE SEASON.

If you are planning to go away on holiday here are some safety tips to bear in mind:

1) It is preferable to have a trustworthy individual to do house sitting for you.

2) Ask your neighbour to keep an eye on your house while you away by turning on your lights at night.

3) NEVER leave pets unattended. Ask a reliable person to feed and check on them or alternatively take them to kennels for safekeeping.

4) If you have garden services ask them to keep your garden tidy. An overgrown garden is a sure sign that the resident is away.

5) Inform your neighbourhood watch and / or your security company so that they can keep an eye on your property.

6) Do not inform your domestic workers of your plans to go on holiday. They are very often the informants to housebreakers or will come thremselves to break in.

­čôîRemember that during holiday periods criminals move around looking for potential targets and whilst neighbourhood watches do regular patrols its impossible to look after entire areas.

Romano van der Spuy
CPF Hartbeespoortdam.

Special Report: December 2020

Special Report:

As the festive season rapidly approaches we once again appeal to all community members to NOT USE FIREWORKS during the holiday period.
During the last two festive seasons our campaign was most successful whereby the vast majority of inhabitants heeded our call to desist from using fireworks.

As previously stated the use of fireworks is strictly prohibited unless a special permit is obtained from Disaster Management to do so.

Fireworks are very detrimental in the following way.
1) They create a serious fire hazard to thatch roofs and lapas as well as to open grasslands
2) They are extremely harmful to both domestic animals and wild animals including birds. Animals become very disorientated and can injure themselves or even run away.
3) Fireworks can cause serious injury to people including children.
4) Fireworks also incur disturbance of peace especially the big bang type.

Please consider your environment and your co community members and animals by not detonating fireworks this festive season.

Romano vd Spuy
CPF Hartbeespoortdam.

ATM scams 2020 08 31

­čôîAdvisory regarding ATM scams:

After several ATM scammings at Sediba Plaza atms we entered into discussions with the management there.
Several individuals have also posted complaints on fb.

I recommended to them that security guards should be posted on a continuous basis at the ATMs.

Sediba management did indeed post guards there only to discover that some community members were chasing guards away. The guards have been purposely posted there to safeguard the public whilst drawing cash.

Some information has been obtained about scammers targetting these ATMs and has been handed over to Police for further investigation.

The golden rule at any ATM is not to accept help from anyone. If your card cannot enter the slot, go to another one. These slots are sometimes deliberately jammed by scammers.

If there is a suspect group loitering around an ATM, rather use one at another location.

In general there very few incidences at Sediba currently.

The CPF together with Police and Sediba management are currently closely monitoring the situation.

Romano vd Spuy
CPF Hartbeespoortdam.