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Special Report – High accident/death rate on R511 Beethoven Road

Special Report – High accident/death rate on R511 Beethoven Road between vd Hoff T junction and Total 4 way stop.

A special committee was formed this morning underr the chairmanship of the Hartbeespoortdam CPF comprising of Sanral, Madibeng Traffic, Provincial Traffic, Provincial Roads, SAPS, Ward Councillor and MCSchool representing local stakeholders.
At the meeting Sanral representative advised that a report will be compiled with all petition letters and submitted to Sanral senior management. In. addition a traffic survey will be conducted.
Speed, lack of lighting, improper road markings and lack of adherence to traffic laws were identified as contributing factors to the high accident rate.
Reccomendations were made for traffic circles, rumble strips, stricter law enforcement in order to curb the high accident rate.

A special project upgrade from Sanral will require immediate attention in order to determine the way forward.
It was emphasised at the meeting that urgent action must be taken to prevent people needlessly being injured and dying on this stretch of road.
The committee will continue with its work until an acceptable resolution has been achieved.

Hartbeespoortdam CPF Romano van der Spuy.

Victim Empowerment Centre

Victim empowerment is an attempt to facilitating access to a range of services for people who have suffered harm, trauma, and material loss through violence, crime, natural disaster, human accident or through socio-economic conditions. Victim empowerment aims to restore the loss or damage caused by criminal acts & their consequences through a variety of actions intended to empower the victim to deal with the consequences of the event, to leave it behind &suffer no further loss or damage. It is premised upon the belief that individuals, families, & communities have the right to privacy, safety and human dignity, and that victims should play a more central role in the criminal justice process. The Victim Empowerment Centre is at the Hartbeespoort SAPS offices is Scott Street. The Centre work closely with SAPS . Contact persons for the Victim Empowerment Centre: Coordinator: Nelmarie Eloff 072 244 6206, SAPS contact persons: Domestic violence and victim empowerment Captain Marika Galant , Social Crime Prevention WO Moses Mainawa  or Cst. Japhta Lelaka 012 253 7000